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Administration & Claims Paying Platform

BigBang Health Plan administration provides fully integrated and non-integrated products and services to its clients. This state of the art, fully integrated system allows BigBang Health to provide its services for clients throughout all different types of markets, clients and products.

Each staff member has extensive health plan management, Commercial HMO, Third Party Administration, Life and Health and Medicaid Managed Care.

  • Third party claims administration
  • Claims management and adjudication
  • BigBang Health provides a fully integrated health plan management system including the following:
  • Clinical Claim Review
  • Customer Service for Providers, Members, Brokers, and Clients.
  • Provider and Client Secured Portals
  • Fulfillment Services
  • Audit services
  • Banking and Finance Services
  • Premium Billing and Reconciliation Services
  • Reporting and analytics including standard yet customizable reporting package