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Collaboration of Providers, Members, Families and the Health Plan

A Unified Healthcare Communications Platform Enables Great Opportunities for BigBang Health Employer Clients

The mobile platform, used by BigBang Health, mViva, is an innovative blend of mHealth and teleHealth solutions to empower individuals throughout the continuum of care, from multi-disciplinary teams to well-connected patients. The solution for BigBang Health is focused on driving continuity throughout the healthcare spectrum to ultimately reduce flow disruptions, promote best practices, minimize readmissions and enhance outcomes for BigBang Health members.

This solution is the most comprehensive mobile HIPAA-Compliant Unified Healthcare Communications Platform of its kind with patient-centric & peer-to-peer messaging, teleconferencing and live multiparty teleHealth sessions in the hands of administrators, providers, patients and family members throughout the care continuum. This is critical in today’s healthcare environment whereby patient health information must be protected according to stringent government regulations of HIPAA. In addition, BigBang Health’s mobile engagement platform empowers individuals to instantly collaborate from anywhere across multiple approaches from a single platform to help deliver an Omni-Channel Digital Engagement experience between members, providers, customer service and plan management.