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Health Management

BigBang Health’s strategic mission is to more closely align an individual’s health focused on “Desirable Health” vs. the payment of claims already incurred or the management of already sick people; i.e., the “Current Health” system. Traditional Wellness programs have failed to truly improve an individual’s overall Well-Being.

New Philosophy of medicine and targeted prevention of diseases.

Current healthcare line graph
Desirable healthcare line graph
The Goal of BigBang Health is to Achieve Desirable Health Care for its Members.

BigBang Health incorporates predictive analytics integrating big data and cloud computing into a (SaaS) model to assist employers, consumers, health plans, providers and insurers in the identification and management of pre-disease, disease and end stage disease states and associated medical costs across the entire continuum of care. The Company’s business intelligence solution utilizes integrated data to identify health risks, treatment gaps and inefficiencies and applies practical, clinically validated solutions to the medical management process in order to improve quality and lower costs.

The first chart illustrates how a person's disease state progresses in today's “pay and manage claims” paradigm. The red line shows the deterioration of a person's health from appearing to be healthy because of the absence of symptoms but actually has risk factors that eventually produce symptoms and then the full blown condition. The second chart with the green line shows how understanding a person's risk factors and help them change their behaviors to lessen the intensity of the risk factors which could prevent the onset of the disease and symptoms.