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Fully Integrated HealthCare Plan Launches

BENTONVILLE, AR (PRWEB) SEPTEMBER 15, 2015 original article

A new integrated health plan for self-funded employers is launching with the brand promise to deliver “more bang for the buck”. Big Bang Health ( is a fully-integrated healthcare plan for self-funded, ACOs and Taft-Hartley organizations. Big Bang Health offers a total health benefit solution featuring; comprehensive health benefits, claims administration, Stop Loss insurance, population health management, pricing transparency, Reference Based Pricing and predictive analytics.

“We believe that Big Bang Health brings an offering to self-funded employers that might be just what the doctor ordered," said Founder, Chairman and CEO, Chris Fey. “Big Bang Health has the platform that can improve collaboration among key stakeholders, by providing the missing link that is not in existence in our healthcare system today. This will ultimately lead to better care and lower healthcare costs – a long overdue and much needed improvement for our current health system.”

The biggest problems employers and employees face with various health plans today include; member engagement, coordinating care for a member between providers and the health plan's care management staff, communication, price transparency and customer service, not to mention escalating costs.

"I have been involved in health care as a provider for many years, and I have seen first hand the shortcomings of our current healthcare system. There is a significant disconnect between health plans, providers, and patients, which leads to confusion, lack of timely and appropriate care, and much dissatisfaction for patients and providers alike,” said Despina Walsworth, M.D., Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer.

Big Bang Health's state of the art communication platform makes it easy for members and Big Bang Health to stay engaged and allows for real time coordination of everyone involved with a member's care. It also makes it easy for members, providers and the health plan to stay connected.

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