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About BigBang Health

BigBang Health, Inc. is a Nevada Corporation formed by seasoned insurance executives for the purpose of delivering a one brand, one stop shop offering of comprehensive health benefits, claims administration, Stop Loss/reinsurance, captive reinsurance, population health management, price transparency, mobile health, teleMedicine and predictive analytics to self-funded employers across the United States with the brand promise of “More Bang for the Buck” with a next generation customer service model to maximize growth and retention. Many of these same services are available to Accountable Care Organizations, especially as they assume more of the risk associated with their Member's health care needs and costs and also assume some or all of the administrative services usually offered by Insurance Companies.

BigBang Health has been designed to bring together the entire menu of services that an employer and its employees and their families need and/or want to manage their health care needs when they are sick or injured. BigBang Health also provides programs the employers, employee and their families can use to learn about healthy life styles, stress, attitude, diet, sleep, recovery, taking care of elderly parents and/or disabled family Members and their own well-being. BigBang Health views the traditional claims paying and claims management services provided by traditional insurance plans as just one part in the continuum of personal Well-Being.

Aligned with the Next Wave in Healthcare

Throughout our history, healthcare has experienced many transformational waves of innovation from the pursuit of computerized electronic medical records to the proliferation of remote, robotic workstations. While each wave has advanced healthcare, industry experts confidently predict the next major wave already underway is the convergence of remote teleHealth and mobile mHealth initiatives. BigBang Health’s vision of empowering human intelligence to transform care through mHealth and teleHealth solutions positions the Company well in rapidly expanding healthcare segments with an offering that has uniquely positioned itself to span the full care continuum.